Creating a Company & New Content

Creating a Company

We've updated new companies joining Traxion to join without requiring an Implementer Code. It is now an option for clients to select whether or not they would like to add the Implementer that referred them as an observer or not. (Especially helpful for the self-implementing companies). 


Turning an Issue into a Rock and a Rock into a Todo

You can now turn a Rock into a To-do, or an Issue into a Rock. This allows for greater flexibility while editing your content during meetings! 


Bugs Fixed

  • Changed wording within Sign-Up page
  • Measurables Goal Orientation Rule not formatting colors correctly
  • Person's icon is grayed out if content is assigned to someone not on the current team
  • Refresh required to view Long Term Issues on VPX
  • Turn on Issue Priority Sort feature for new companies
  • Invite User from people directory not assigning teams or role
  • Observers: showing up as options for Accountability Chart Seats and on the Measurables page