VPX Editing, Multiple To-Do's and Long Term Issues

Feature Updates

VPX Editing

The title of the Vision Plan Xcelerator is now editable along with each of the section titles. Details on how to make these edits are here.


Assign To-Do's to Multiple People

Assign to-do's out to multiple people by clicking on the check mark next to each name. Details on how to assign to-do's to multiple people can be found here.


Long Term Issues on VPX

Long term issues are now a third tab on the VPX, and a third page on the PDF export. These issues are viewed in 1-4 columns, depending on the size of your screen, and can be sorted using the Priority Sort feature.


Bugs Fixed

  • Occasional issues with people not tied to their company on sign up.
  • Rocks different on Print-Out vs. Web-App
  • Removing a measurable from scorecard does NOT remove the measurable from the scorecard.
  • Change Numbering to Bullet Points on VPX
  • Change Name of Old Headers