Settings Enhancements and Improved Speed

New Settings

Traxion Settings has been revamped. You can now invite  a user right from the settings screen, and assign them a role and team right away.

You can still invite people from the People Directory, and are able to assign teams and roles from there as well.

Other Enhancements

  • The Scorecard, Rocks, Issues, and Accountability Chart have been optimized to load faster. Continued optimization is planned to be released for the other areas next week.
  • Status indicator for measurables will remain on Mobile regardless of settings.
  • Roles & Responsibilities no longer has a limit on characters in the description.


Addressed Bugs

  • No created on date on my focus for to-do
  • You can add the same user multiple times to team
  • The user is not removed from the team
  • Create Button Does Not Work On Firefox
  • Measurables not appearing on Scorecard but are appearing on AC