Role Visibility Features, Settings Permissions & Billing Breakdown

New Features:

This week we've made some changes you may notice:

  • Increased speed on the V/TO™ through Query Optimization
  • Added in a breakdown of each user and total cost in Billing
  • Added in Being able to delete a company
  • Added the ability to delete a measurable from the Measurables Page
  • Required secure password

Additional Role Restrictions have also been built in on the Settings and Measurables Pages.

Measurables Page:

  • Managee can only see their own measurables
  • Managers can see measurables for Managers and Managees
  • Admins can see measurables for everyone except Owners

Settings Page:

  • Managers cannot adjust the teams they are on.
  • Managers can Invite Users, but cannot make them an Owner or Admin, and cannot assign them to the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Managers can only adjust the teams of Managers and Managees.


Addressed Bugs:

  • My Account - Link leading to My Focus was broken
  • "Oops Something Went Wrong" notification after Successfully removing Measurable
  • The "Teams" page is broken after added user to the one team several time
  • When adding measurables to scorecard, the wrong user is assigned
  • Trial Ending notifications appear for users that have put in their credit card