Archiving Rocks, Billing and Confirmation Before Deleting a User

New Features

  • Archive all function available for completed Rocks
  • Password strength detection on sign-up, registration, and change password forms
  • Confirmation dialog before deleting a user
  • Billing
  • When toggling between companies, it always takes you back to My Focus
  • Improved Status Indicator: If first score is blank, evaluate the status indicator based of the following three intervals

Addressed Bugs

  • It is possible to delete the user with the owner role in administration
  • Hitting enter inside of forms on OSX and iOS does not trigger form submissions
  • Inside of the universal create, the people menu does not update when you change the selected team
  • Two items are labels as 4. inside the privacy policy
  • Text cannot be typed into the team search field inside of administration
  • Inviting a person always defaults the user to owner role
  • It is possible to set a future birth date
  • Seats are turned upside if zooming too far out
  • The logo, company name and phone number in configuration are aligned oddly
  • If there is only one user with the owner role within a company then they have the ability turning themselves into a different role
  • Meetings details windows does not close when switching team
  • Administration options in the people directory do not align correctly on certain screen sizes
  • Fixed icons not updating