Printable A/C, Toggling Features, and V/TO™ Priority Sort

New Features

Printable Accountability Chart

Go to the Accountability Chart and press command+p (on a Mac), ctrl+p (on a PC) or edit print - to have a printable version of your Accountability Chart. Use the plus and minus arrows on the bottom left of the A/C to see more or less of your content.

Measurable Average is now a Toggled Feature

Go to Settings and then the Configuration Page to see the ability to toggle on or off the Average column on your measurables. This is the first of many features you will be able to customize. Issue Priority and Status Indicator (on To-Do's) can be toggled off upon request. Please reach out to Traxion Client Success if you are interested in having those features turned off.

Added Priority Sort to V/TO™ LTI

Priority Sort is now an option on the V/TO™ Long-Term Issues List.

Partner Code Registration

Partners of Traxion can now invite companies using their own personalized code.

Applied Forced Hardware Acceleration to Editors

Editing text on an iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device will now be more easily viewable.


Addressed Bugs

  • Potentially incorrect saving of data to new Seat when using the pre-fill option
  • Observers show up in the A/C person menus
  • 's' missing on Terms and Conditions on Implementer Registration
  • Printable V/TO™ - Incorrect marketing strategy sub-headers