New Issue Type and Usability Improvements

New Features

New Issue Type: Awareness

Our Issue Types are used to sort what kind of problems you are solving. We have just added Awareness to they list. You can learn more about our Issue Types here.

Revenue/Profit Fields on V/TO™

You can now see our right and left text boxes under the Revenue and Profit sections of the 3-Year Picture, 1-Year Plan, and Rocks more clearly. The left field "Description" is used for you to type what type of Revenue/Profit you are tracking. (Ex: Gross, Net, Run Rate, etc.) The right field "Value" is meant for the actual number, dollar value, or percentage you are looking to track for that specific time period. 

The "Description" field copies over from 3-Year Picture, 1-Year Plan, and Rocks so you can track the same content across all time periods.

A Couple Other Small Clarity Improvements

  • Changed the button text inside of the seat details dialog to avoid confusion about editing a seat
  • Changed "Mark as Issue" menu buttons to say "Make it an issue"
  • Changed "Mark as To-do" menu buttons to say "Create a to-do"
  • Removed "Mark as Rock" menu button from Issues action options
  • Top three Issues are listed as 1, 2, 3 during the IDS section of a meeting


Addressed Bugs

  • Text inputs go blank while typing on iPad
  • Account Phone Number Saving with different type then what was selected
  • While editing a measurable within the scorecard or measurables page the outside/inside & min/max fields behave in an unexpected way
  • Measurable orientation typo
  • Overdue Notification icon on do-do's displays for completed to-do's
  • V/TO text displays multiline description as a single line
  • V/TO Default Calendar Dates are set to year 1969
  • Unexpected behavior on My Focus comment sections
  • When creating a new issue on the scorecards page, the title says "State the measurable" not "state the issue"
  • A/C seats are not being generated in the correct order
  • Arrows are not sorting A/C seats
  • Weird date alignment on smaller window sizes inside of universal create
  • To-do's due today get the issues icon if they are not checked done