Add Multiple People to the Same Seat

New Feature

On the Accountability Chart, you can now add multiple people to the same seat. If you have a large organization, this means roles that are the same for multiple people can remain in the same seat, and have multiple people assigned to them. Here are a couple things to remember when using the Same Seat feature.

  • Adding someone to the same seat is only available for the LOWEST LEVEL of the Organization. 
    • You will not see the Add Seat icon on "Parent" seats
    • Once you click "Add a Duplicate Seat" the ADD SEAT button will be removed
  • When adding Measurables to the Scorecard that exist in a same seat, you will be able to choose the owner.
  • On the Measurables Page of the Data App, you will see the measurable that is on the same seat on both of the people's lists that are assigned to that seat. 
    • The measurable's weekly or monthly specific data will not be connected from person to person.


Addressed Bugs

  • Invite button on People Directory not going away after user is invited
  • Remove billing section within each page of settings
  • Rocks not saving on my focus