EOSI Automatically Added to Client Accounts

New Feature

EOS Implementers are automatically added to their client's team as an Observer when the client uses their Traxion Implementer Code to register.


Addressed Bugs

  • To-do's list in "My Focus" showed to-do's that have been previously archived and from deleted teams

  • All team filters showed deleted teams

  • Team members did not show for teams that are inherited through admin/owner role, (blank pictures)

  • V/TO™ did not cascade down correctly

  • Right and left buttons on Accountability Chart did not move seats

  • Default measurable was dollar and is now number

  • Images were missing in people directory for people a part of multiple companies


UX Improvements:

  • Emails on login are not case sensitive anymore

  • Removed the scroll location reset on the A/C when using left and right buttons to reorder seats

  • Relocated Owner select within create dialog and converted the selection button into the owner menu used elsewhere

  • Moved the priority sort out of the filter bar and only give the option to sort by descending priority on click of the priority label within the issues list