New Issue Priority, Archive All, & The Help Center

Today we launched a list of great features and in the interest of not missing any, check them all out below.

  • Edit the V/TO™ and My Account pages with the easy-to-use Edit Button.
  • My Focus page allows you to see all of your To-Do's and Rocks right when you log in.
  • Archive all Issues, Rocks, or To-Dos that are marked as done. 
  • Help Center Documents now allow you to find any answer you search for.
  • Issues now allow you to set priorities and sort by them.
  • An Issue allows allows you to specify the type.

Issues Enhancements 

The three major feature enhancements with Issues allow your company to track more details and stay more organized moving forward. To add Priorities or a Type to an Issue, simply create a new one, or edit an existing to add the data.

Our System and the Help Center

The new "System" series of apps allow you to quickly look up answers to questions in the Help Center, along with providing you quick access to the most up to date list of known issues in the Beta, and the newest updates.