Printing the Full Accountability Chart

You can now print the entire Accountability Chart by clicking the PDF button on the page. The printed chart will contain the first three leadership roles on the first page, and then each of the following pages will contain the manager and one level of managees.


Visit our Help Center for more details on exporting your content!


Other updates include:

  • Current month added to the Scorecard
  • Expiration month and year switched to static numbers upon credit card entry


Bug Fixes

  • Scorecard Printout not preserving order
  • Henryx not accepting all forms of "to-do"

  • Henryx reminders are not sent

  • Adding Measurable to the scorecard not showing all Measurables

  • Expired Invitations are mishandled

  • Re-inviting a user from the People Directory and the Settings page broken - removes user from teams

  • Inactive Subscription page preventing people from changing companies

  • Duplicate measurable on scorecard causing issues

  • User logging into company with no teams causing issues for the user

  • Users in Past Due Companies getting a 402 error when attempting to log in

  • Henryx: Adding to-do's and rocks does not respond after selecting team