Speed and PDF Exports

The past two weeks we have done some major updates to improve the overall speed and performance of Traxion. This included making improvements to the database, our servers, and how our software overall interacts with them.


What can you expect? A more Sonic-like experience.


More specifically, faster login, page loading and overall usability. Switching between companies, and loading larger pieces of information (especially for larger companies) like the Scorecard or Accountability Chart is also more responsive.


What else is new?

PDF Exports

Each tool is now available to be exported directly to PDF. On the Scorecard, Rocks, To-do's, Issues and Vision Plan Xcelerator look in the top right of the orange filters bar and click the PDF button to export.


On the meetings page, selecting Print Meeting will export your Agenda, Scorecard, Rocks, To-do's and Issues all in one PDF.

Learn more about how to export your content here.


Bugs Fixed

  • Permissions incorrect on People DIrectory: Managers/Observers should not be allowed to Invite/Re-Invite.

  • Re-sending invite sending email to original address - even when changed.

  • Invite token expires after 10 minutes.

  • Invite error not connecting users to their data.

  • Coupon dollar amount on billing page showing decimal in incorrect place.