• Ability to print pre-filled V/TO with data stored in app.
  • Ability to delete any uploaded process file.
  • Complete microservice architecture and design (see dev channel for chart)
  • Editable V/TO name by clicking on the name within the V/TO page.
  • Editable V/TO name by clicking on the name within the V/TO page.
  • Automatic bypass of login page if a token is present.
  • Ability to add action items within the segue of an L10 Meeting.


  • Changed all "priority" properties in the database to "ordinal".
  • Only show "limit" fields for measurables if the target orientation is set to range.
  • Removed "overview" property from 1-year plan.
  • Removed "overview" property from 3-year picture.
  • Increased visibility of dividing line between average and scores to the right on the scorecard.
  • Ability to enter decimal number or tag a person as absent in the conclusion of an L10 Meeting.
  • Removed delete functionality from measurables, rocks, to-do's, and issues.
  • Reconfiguration of Mailgun IP address to avoid Microsoft Outlook spam filters.

Bug Fixes:

  • Long state of inactivity causing unresponsiveness
  • Disappearing future date on V/TO when you click edit for the 3-year picture, 1-year plan and Rocks.
  • While editing an existing action item, if the team is changed the user menu within that item does not change to the newly selected team.
  • When adding an issue from the long-term issues tab, the action item defaulted to short-term.