• Edit comment ability
  • Displays "edited" flag with date once a comment has been edited.
  • When a user is removed from a company his items are reassigned to a user still within the company.
  • Clean up of Live DB
  • Lots of data modeling (CDM, LDM, and PDM)
  • High level microservice architecture


  • Changed language of issue intervals:
  • Weekly -> Short-term
  • Quarterly -> Long-term
  • 10-Year simplification
  • Removed all fields expect for a text area.
  • Improved JWT validation for increased security
  • Fixed UX for editing vs commenting on an item
  • Changed "Submit" button to "Add Comment"
  • Added divider to separate comments on an item from the rest of the item data.
  • Changed pricing model for everyone

Bug Fixes:

  • Incorrect vertical spacing on Vision for "Future date", "Revenue", and "Profit"
  • Conclude section of Meeting Mode now displays user email if he/she has not entered their name yet (usually because of pending invite)