• Company-wide CSV export is available in Settings->Configurations.
  • User rating functionality added to the conclude section of meeting mode.
  • When a meeting is complete it is now stored with a start date, time spent in each section of the meeting, and the rating given by each team member.
  • Quick-create actions are available in the item menu:
  • Measurable -> Issue
  • Rock -> Issue
  • Todo -> Issue
  • Issue -> Rock
  • Issue -> Todo
  • Ability to mark a department as the Executive department


  • Improved JS module exporting.
  • CSV exports only include the currently accessed department.
  • Improved the "Focus" (now labeled "Objective") content.
  • VTO has been moved from a company-level to a departmental-level
  • When a new department is created, the VTO for that department defaults to the executive department's VTO.
  • Logos and user images are retrieved using HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Bug Fixes:

  • Hides Objective content when the sidebar is collapsed.
  • Delete for Todos not working.
  • On date change for rocks not being captured.
  • Buggy behavior with the scorecard tabbing features
  • Flickering of Login page on mobile safari.
  • Force logout if user has no team access.
  • Company popup menu not allowing to change companies.
  • Due date not populating when switching between item type in the Add popup.