Printing the Full Accountability Chart

You can now print the entire Accountability Chart by clicking the PDF button on the page. The printed chart will contain the first three leadership roles on the first page, and then each of the following pages will contain the manager and one level of managees.


Visit our Help Center for more details on exporting your content!


Other updates include:

  • Current month added to the Scorecard
  • Expiration month and year switched to static numbers upon credit card entry


Bug Fixes

  • Scorecard Printout not preserving order
  • Henryx not accepting all forms of "to-do"

  • Henryx reminders are not sent

  • Adding Measurable to the scorecard not showing all Measurables

  • Expired Invitations are mishandled

  • Re-inviting a user from the People Directory and the Settings page broken - removes user from teams

  • Inactive Subscription page preventing people from changing companies

  • Duplicate measurable on scorecard causing issues

  • User logging into company with no teams causing issues for the user

  • Users in Past Due Companies getting a 402 error when attempting to log in

  • Henryx: Adding to-do's and rocks does not respond after selecting team

No Character Limit & CSV Scorecard Export

The title fields of Measurables, Issues, Rocks and To-do's do not have the pre-existing 40 character limit. We highly recommend you still keep titles short and put the details in the description section of each item so that when printing, viewing on your mobile device, or just trying to find your top issues, you can still view your items easily!


Scorecard to CSV

Download scorecard data to a csv file through the new download button. This allows you to select the date, and weekly or monthly measurables to export.

2 weeks ago we released our printing across all features, NOW we've enhanced the look and feel to include your logo and more details.

New PDF Designs

2 weeks ago we released our printing across all features, NOW we've enhanced the look and feel to include your logo and more details.




VPX Measurable Descriptions

Description of the measurable is now visible on the V/PX Plan section when you hover over the measurable.


Bugs Fixed

  • Teams are sometimes not populated in universal create teams list
  • User can delete themselves from the Settings Page

  • Delete button in settings not working ONLY in Firefox

  • Scorecard Sort Order will not save

  • Removing a user from the teams page is too slow

  • Measurable added to scorecard, is not removed from Add Measurable list

  • All user teams are not appearing when reassigning Long-Term Issue to a new team

Texting Traxion's Mentor Bot, Henryx

The first version of Traxion's Mentor Bot is now available! 

Right now, Henryx has some simple functions, and overtime he will get smarter!

  1. Text rocks, to-do's, and issues to be added to your Traxion account
  2. Get your rocks, to-do's, and issues texted to you upon request
  3. Automatically get reminders about your rocks and to-do's

How can you get started? Activate your phone number (video below) and then start interacting with Henryx! 

Visit the Help Center to get all your questions answered!

Speed and PDF Exports

The past two weeks we have done some major updates to improve the overall speed and performance of Traxion. This included making improvements to the database, our servers, and how our software overall interacts with them.


What can you expect? A more Sonic-like experience.


More specifically, faster login, page loading and overall usability. Switching between companies, and loading larger pieces of information (especially for larger companies) like the Scorecard or Accountability Chart is also more responsive.


What else is new?

PDF Exports

Each tool is now available to be exported directly to PDF. On the Scorecard, Rocks, To-do's, Issues and Vision Plan Xcelerator look in the top right of the orange filters bar and click the PDF button to export.


On the meetings page, selecting Print Meeting will export your Agenda, Scorecard, Rocks, To-do's and Issues all in one PDF.

Learn more about how to export your content here.


Bugs Fixed

  • Permissions incorrect on People DIrectory: Managers/Observers should not be allowed to Invite/Re-Invite.

  • Re-sending invite sending email to original address - even when changed.

  • Invite token expires after 10 minutes.

  • Invite error not connecting users to their data.

  • Coupon dollar amount on billing page showing decimal in incorrect place.

Easy Invites on People Directory

Easy Invite

See which team members have not been invited at a glance. For each team member that has not been invited, you will see INVITE to the far right of their name. For those that have been invited, but not accepted, RESEND is an available option!



Bugs Fixed:

  • Duplicate header on the Settings page when all users are active.

  • Create Measurable Button does not add measurable to scorecard for specific seats because the request is too large.